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What are dental insurance networks?

Most dental PPO plans will let you see the provider of your choice- we accept most PPO insurances. Sometimes insurance will have a list of 'network' providers. "In-network" providers are offices that have accepted a fee schedule for services, and your benefits may be paid at a higher percentage in these offices. An example is a basic cleaning, instead of 100% coverage, an out of network coverage may be 90%.  However, there is a lot more complexity to the cost of dentistry. In regards to the example of a cleaning, at our office a ‘basic cleaning’ involves an hour with a highly trained hygienist. This is usually not the case at many other offices. By receiving a more thorough cleanings at each visit, a patient  reduces the need for ‘deep cleanings’, treatment of decay and other  costly treatments.  In short, going “in network” often does not save a patient dental costs.

Our office participates in those PPO networks that do not affect our overall quality of care; Delta Dental Premier and Cigna.  We are not contracted with all other dental networks, and how this affects you will be discussed prior to your appointment by one of our insurance specialists.

Many of our patients elect to see us "out-of network", and seldom is their overall out of pocket cost higher with our office. The reason we keep the patient’s out of pocket cost down is our conservative approach and our quality of care. We diagnose and recommend dentistry that is absolutely necessary and favor the least complicated treatment alternatives when treatment is warranted. When treatment is rendered we take the time, effort, and care to make long lasting restorations that provide many more years of service than dentistry done at a lower level of quality and this is the true out of pocket cost to a patient.