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Omg!!! SOOOOO happy I found you!!!
I've had these 4 veneers on my front teeth for about 5 years, put on, again, and again and again, after pop offs and cracks and breaks, and several thousands of dollars, by another Santee dentist's office (won't mention who).
After about 4 years of miraculously no problems, I felt a familiar crunch while biting into a fish taco... I was so upset, I just froze staring at this tiny piece of porcelain in my hand. The tears starting welling up as I was reminded of the nightmares I often have of this exact thing happening on a date, or during a job interview... I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of my mom's birthday lunch w my daughters, and luckily, I decided to drive myself. I held back the tears, apologized and asked that they wrap up the rest of my meal and I'll see you at home, and ran to my car, wanting to just vomit.... I'm not too vain, am I?
Not just for vanities sake, but the thought of coming up with another 2 grand to fix this, again, was taunting me! My head was spinning. I felt like I had been kicked in the jaw - literally.
First thing I did, after having a few glasses of wine to calm down, was do a search on Yelp. Dr. Fossett was the first to come up -- but still wanted to give my old office a chance, seeing as especially how They WERE THE ONES WHO PUT THE ORIGINALS ON. But, they offered no rest for my weary soul -- no discounts, no deals and no financing. And a replacement will cost @2000!!
I called Dr. Fossetts office next and was enchanted by Robyn, who understood my plight and offered all the help she could; gave me a rough estimate on cost (final cost was LESS than what she quoted!), and applied for Care Credit for me over the phone.
I could go on and on about how my appointment went -- didn't even have to sit or wait, was brought back for a consultation immediately. Not expecting to have everything even started the same day, the assistant and Dr. Dave came back in two minutes and said, let's get started!
Not more than 30 minutes later, I looked in the mirror to the most gorgeous "Temporary" veneer I have ever seen!! I mean, I'd be happy w this for years! The last office would spackle on this horrible looking crap that had no esthetically pleasing value at all!! THIS is a premier job!
And I'm a chronic perfectionist! Especially when it comes to my looks (hair, teeth, ect).
Thank you Dr. Fossett and staff-- THANK YOU!!!

Vanessa M.

Yesterday was my first visit to this wonderful Dental office. I haven't felt more welcome and comfortable in a Dental facility since I was 19... Now 31 years young. I grew up, going to a father/son dental group and Dr. David and Dr. Douglas Fossett had the same family centered vibe and conservative but smart dental care I've been searching for! As a Registered Nurse, quality care and patient centered care is the core of my own practice. Dr. David and Dr. Douglas exemplify this to a tee! I've finally found my go to family Dental office. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after getting a second option from these very well informed Dentists!

Haylee R.

Great office!!! From the moment I walked in I felt very welcomed by the staff. I'm always nervous when going to the dentist no matter how many times I go, however after my visit to Dr. Fossett's office I felt much more relaxed and at ease. They did everything they could to make me comfortable. I felt the staff was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. The assistants are top notch . The smiles , kind hearts and exceptional service will keep me coming back. Thank you to the office for a positive experience.

Rachel Y.

Dr. Dave came to my rescue! After many years of way too many dental procedures by my previous dentist, I went to see Dr. Fossett for a second opinion on a treatment plan that had been proposed to me by my last dentist. I felt that it was an extremely aggressive plan and Dr. Dave's gave me a couple of different options that we more conservative and equally as effective for what was happening. I'm happy to say that I had Dr. Dave do the work and have had beautiful success! Since then, I have continued to see Dr. Dave and have never looked back! I've always had a lot of anxiety heading into a dental office, but I feel very comfortable and at ease with Dr. Fossett. And it's a bonus that his office staff are always so friendly and accommodating. It's hard to find an office that has a whole crew of genuinely amazing people. I would highly recommend The Fossett's for any of your dental needs.

Jennifer L.

I came to Dr. Fossett because a friend recommended his practice and she was totally right to send me there!

After having three bad experiences at an office in El Cajon, I was nervous about seeing any dentist, but Dr. Fossett listened to my concerns and said he was conservative and wouldn't do a bunch of work in my mouth just for the money.

So I got x-rays and he saw a few problem areas but said he would keep a watch on them over the next year and he didn't rush to give me any fillings, which I was happy about. This year we looked at the same spots and he said it was time to consider some work because some cavities had gotten bigger.

I've been to his office three times now. Each time I've gotten a thorough but gentle cleaning. I couldn't be happier with a dental office!

Keenan F.

For the past two years I've been using Douglas Fossett and David Fossett with great success. They have friendly staff and always fit me in on my busy schedule. I recently had a crown and three veneers done on my four front teeth. David Fossett is very good at cosmetic work above his excellent dentistry. If you need a great dentist in San Diego, Dr. Fossett DDS is the place.

Brandon F.

Dr Fossett is an awesome dentist! He is very gentle and makes you feel at ease during the procedures. He is very good at explaining what is happening and is always willing to answer your questions. Dr Fossett's staff is always upbeat and super friendly, they make you feel like they've know you forever. They are also very good with kids. They don't push anything on them and try to make going to the dentist the most positive experience possible. I trust the doctors 100% and would never see any other!

Jennifer S.

I was looking for a new dentist and my friend told me about her office that she loved, Dr Fossett's office. From my initial phone call to the office to the staff and finally meeting Dr Fossett was an excellent experience, they answered all my insurance questions and made me feel very comfortable while in the dental chair. Dr Fossett explained all my treatment options and made sure all my questions were answered. This truly is a family practice, and make you feel that way when you are there, I would highly recommend this office!

Susan T.

I was first treated by Dr. Dave Fossett in 2009 when I had cracked a tooth in my sleep. I had seen 2 other dentists, but because I didn't have insurance they took one X-ray and told me to take Ibuprofen and hopefully it was just swollen and bruised. Dr. Fossett took my complaint much more seriously and immediately did a full set of X-rays and tried everything he could to figure out what the problem was that was causing me so much pain. He then worked with me to find the most conservative treatment to try to save the tooth and save me money since I had no insurance.

I was living out of state at the time, but after that experience I made all appointments with him when I was on break from school. I came all the way from Oklahoma to his office for just a cleaning. They make you feel like you matter and like they truly care about your dental health, and they understand that dental work is expensive.

Now that I have insurance and I live back in state I see them regularly for all of my work. I have a lot of dental issues and I have always been embarrassed about my bad teeth, but they took the time to explain that it had little to do with my at home dental hygiene and more to do with poor genetics. Dr. Dave Fossett takes the time to go over my care plan at the end of every visit and see where I am both in my mind set about my teeth and in a financial situation to see if I am comfortable proceeding.

He always explains to me what is happening during the procedure and makes sure that I am as comfortable as possible. Due to my severe dental needs I have had trouble getting numb on one side of my mouth, so he always checks with me to make that I am alright and will stop and do whatever necessary to make me more comfortable. He is very meticulous with his work and ensures that everything that he does is of the highest standard of care. I am happier with the work I have had done there than any other work I have ever had done. One of my favorite things that he does is call to follow up after a visit. He doesn't have an assistant do it. He takes the time to call himself and ask how you are doing. He genuinely wants to know if there are any complications.

Lastly I want to talk about the office staff. They are upbeat, pleasant, and take the time to get to know the patient's. I especially appreciate Robin's sense of humor attention to detail.

Overall this is a dentist office that I would suggest to EVERYONE! They do general dentistry, endodontics, and implants, so you can get almost all care done directly through them, which I LOVE!

I trust Dr. Dave Fossett with my dental health and I have already asked my mom and boyfriend to switch dentists because I love them so much!

Janessa A.

I never thought i would find myself yelping about my dentist but what can I this guy.
I seriously have been coming to him since i was 15 so it's been 15 years now!! that is crazy that i'm old enough to have gone to the same person for that long! ha!
anyways....Dr. Fossett is great. His staff is friendly and Cindy the receptionist has been wonderful since day one. Unfortunately, they hygienist i had for so many years left a couple years back and i like the girl that i have but i don't LOVE her. she does a good job but somethings missing.
Dr. Fossett is always very thorough for exams and tries his best to get to know each and every one of his patients.
If you're looking for a dentist in east county, he's the best!


Best. Dentist. Ever. Ok, well I don't have much to compare him to, and it had been some time since my last dentist visit with my old family dentist, but I will say Dr. Fossett (David) made it quite painless. I knew I had work that had to be done as I had visited a dentist near my old place Downtown. Never ended up getting any of the work done there. I later moved to La Mesa and was referred to Dr Fossett by a good buddy of mine.

What I appreciated the most initially was that Dr Fossett spoke in very straight forward, simple terms. I don't have dental insurance which was a concern for the cost of what I needed done. He listened and helped come up with a priority based plan that made sense and didn't try to push me into unnecessary procedures. The actual work was completed in a couple quick visits. Absolutely painless. It's been a couple of months now and my teeth feel great (well, they don't hurt anymore, which I believe is the dental equivalent of feeling great). Big thanks to Dr Fossett and the staff!!

Cleve S.

Even though I no longer live in the Santee area, with the exception of my annual cleaning, I still make the trip down to Santee whenever I need a procedure done. Years ago I had a chipped tooth and went to a local dentist. It turned into a nightmare that caused me a ton of pain and way more money than it ever should have. I decided at that point that it's worth the drive to go to Dr. Fossett whenever I need something done.

Last week I was experiencing soreness and sensitivity in the back of my mouth. It was causing me a lot of pain and making it difficult to chew. Dr. Fossett gave me two options, one was more cost effective, but not as long term and the other option was the long term fix. I like that he thoroughly explained my options and let me decide what I wanted to do. That's why I trust him so much.

Dr. Fossett is very consultative and I never get the feeling that I'm being upsold. In fact he's talked me out of procedures that were recommended by other dentists. And the environment feels like a family practice that does it for the love of dentistry, not just to make money. If you live close by, consider yourself lucky. Finding a great local dentist you can trust is invaluable.

Michael R.

Great Dentist and staff. We drive the whole family 30 minutes each way to see Dr Fossett. He is a true professional and great with our kids.

Dan P.

Great Dentist and very personable office and hygienist staff. I would highly recommend this Dentist to people in the area!!!

Jennifer R.

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